Bianca Brandon-Cox

”I love the way food communicates culture and history, social trends, passion and craftsmanship. Its ability to create emotions, memories and bonds between people fascinates me. I am just as passionate about the people behind the food and their ability to create masterpieces.”

Bianca is an awarded photographer specializing in food and culinary trends. She also works as a prop stylist, film producer and graphic designer.

For magazines, books and commercial companies Bianca creates photos and films of food, beverage, chefs and producers. She is also assigned as a content manager, editor and Youtube-channel page optimizer.

”I might be an unusual photographer doing many different things but that’s what keeps me updated and gives me the possibility to see the whole picture. My experience is that the client appreciates the control they get over the production when they engage me.”

It’s no surprise that the camera has become Bianca’s weapon of choice – she more or less grew up in a darkroom. Bianca’s grandmother was an avid photographer, the only female member of her photography club, and she inspired Bianca to pick up the camera herself.

Bianca started her career 20 years ago as a newspaper photographer. She discovered her passion in food photography while working with commercial food concepts at an Advertising Agency.