Farm Dining – En k(o)kbok från Wapnö Gård

Biancas Assignment: Photography and Prop Styling
In cooperation with: OLIVEN
Client/Publishing Company: Wapnö Gård

23/11, 2016 We got awarded by ”Årets Svenska Måltidslitteratur” for this book ”Farm Dining – en ko(k)bok från Wapnö Gård – om våra miljövänliga kor & gårdens bästa recept”. The category was ”Lifestyle”.

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Wapnö Gård – A sustainable fram and food company with its own life cycle
“Wapnö has been working actively for a sustainable environment for many years and we are going that extra mile to look after our animals, our land and consumers. We believe that the present generation should take care in using natural resources reasonably and being environmentally responsible so that we leave the environment as untouched as possible for future generations. Our way to contribute involves animal welfare, sustainable farming and reducing our fossil energy consumption. At Wapnö, we let the milk run in a pipeline 30 meters from the barn to the dairy; no transportation of the milk is required and that is not only good for the environment it also provides really fresh products.

Wapnös biogas contributes to renewable energy in the form of electricity, heat and cooling, which we need year round in our small-scale food premises. We only use manure from our own animals for biogas production. We have cut our fossil energy consumption with more than 90 %. The biogas also provides excellent digestate which improves the fertility and value of our farmland.

We are a modern food company with its own unique life cycle. If you choose Wapnö, you are a climate conscious consumer that can be proud of your choice.

Wapnö is an open farm. Consumers are welcome year round to get a closer look at the animals, barns and dairy. In our restaurant our chefs cook delicious food using fresh ingredients picked directly from our farm.”

Wapnös ko(k)bok prisbelönad
Wapnös kokbok ”Farm Dining – en ko(k)bok från Wapnö Gård” har blivit rikligt prisbelönad under året som gått. I maj tävlar boken i Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Wapnös kokbok tog hem andra platsen i Årets Svenska Måltidslitteratur i kategorin ”Livsstilslitteratur” med följande motivering: ”En imponerande bok om ett modernt jordbruk i tiden. Närhet, färskhet och öppenhet har gjort Wapnö Gård till ett framgångskoncept. Läsarna får följa ett konsument- och marknadsinriktat företag i alla dess former.” Nyligen korades även boken som nationell vinnare i kategorin ”cheese & milk” av juryn till den prestigefyllda internationella tävlingen Gourmand Awards. Det innebär att Wapnös kokbok är med och tävlar i den stora internationella tävlingen som avgörs den 27-28 maj i år. Gourmand Award kallas ibland för ”kokböckernas Oscarsgala” och vid tävlingen utses världens bästa kokböcker.